Certified plumber in Montreal

Plomberie Saint-Laurent serves the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our team of expert plumbers is at your disposal for your plumbing work in Montreal and Laval. Whether for an emergency, a renovation or a construction, the satisfaction of our customers and a job well done are our priorities.

Plumber for renovation and construction

Plumbing emergency

Plomberie Saint-Laurent offers fast service 7 days a week for your plumbing work requiring urgent repair. We have trucks for plumbing emergencies in Montreal and Laval to serve you as quickly as possible. All our work is guaranteed.

Pumber in Montreal

Plumbing repair

Whether it is a water leak repair, replacement of hot water tank, replacement of fittings or toilets, we will be on site quickly. Plomberie Saint-Laurent also sells plumbing fixtures with installation included.

Pumber in Montreal

Drain unblocking

Do you have a clogged sewer drain? contact the drain specialist in Montreal. Plomberie Saint-Laurent has equipment at the cutting edge of technology, whether for cleaning, cleaning or inspection by camera for more complex cases.

Plumber for renovation and construction

Plumber for renovation and construction

Bathroom renovation

Do you need advice for the new configuration of your bathroom? Let our plumbing experts advise you on the choice of plumbing fixtures or for the installation of piping and fittings. Our plumbers are members of the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec and all our work is guaranteed.

Plumber for new construction

We have a team of plumbers specializing in new residential or commercial construction. Whether for the connection of the city water supply, the installation of underground piping or fittings. Plomberie Saint-Laurent is the contractor-plumber you need.

Building contractor

If you are a general construction contractor and you are looking for a reliable plumbing contractor, contact Frédéric Halpin at 438-777-4126. We have the expertise, the certifications and the manpower required, whether it be a multi-storey residential construction or multi-unit project.

Plumber for renovation and construction

Installation of a water meter in Montreal

in accordance with the municipal law on the regulation of water consumption in ICI (RCG 07-031), water meters must be installed for ICI in all boroughs of Montreal. Homes including income properties are not affected by this by-law of the city of Montreal.

For existing buildings, you must wait for city employees to contact you for an inspection of your connection to the city's water supply.

If you are carrying out work, it is advisable to carry out the plumbing modifications necessary for installing the meter at this time.

Plomberie Saint-Laurent

Plomberie Saint-Laurent Inc. is a plumbing company that works in home service, renovation, construction, drainage and sheathing. Look no further for a plumber! Our versatility and exemplary service ensure you only need one number: 438-777-4126.

Our area of operation includes several cities including Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, as well as most of the municipalities on the south and north shore, from Brossard to Repentigny and from Saint-Lambert to Deux-Montagnes.

Customer satisfaction and a job well done are our priorities.

Looking forward to serving you.

Comments from our customers

Maurice Loiselle

5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber

Very satisfied; courtesy, punctuality, efficiency. They fixed my problem when two others had not fixed it.

Rémy Morel

5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber

I have used their services twice so far. I was very satisfied. They took the time to explain the possible solutions to me, and the work was done with care and cleanliness. The rates are reasonable.

Francoise Crassard

5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber 5 star plumber

This is the second time that Plomberie St-Laurent has intervened with us. Speed of intervention, competence and courtesy. A company to remember and that I recommend.